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Christmas dumplings with vegetarian stuf

Christmas Menu

Parties of 6 or more /Powyzej 6 osób $21.99 per person

Red Borsch with mushroom dumplings or wild mushroom soup.

      Barszcz czerwony z uszkami lub zupa grzybowa.

Fried fish or Greek style fish (in vegetables)

      Ryba smazona lub ryba po Grecku.

Choice of potatoes: mashed, roasted red potatoes or potato dumplings.

      Ziemniaki pieczone, ziemniaki tluczone lub kopytka.

Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut with mushrooms or Sauerkraut with beans.

      Kapusta zasmazana, kapusta z grzybami lub kapusta z grochem.

Two kinds of Pierogi: potato and cheese, cheddar cheese and potato, potato, sweet cheese, sauerkraut with mushrooms, sauerkraut or meat.

      Dwa rodzaje pierogow: z serem i ziemniakami, z serem cheddar i ziemniakami, ze slodkim serem, z kapusta i grzybami, z kapusta lub z miesem.

Choice of noodles with poppy seed or noodles with kraut and mushrooms.

      Kluski z makiem lub lazanki z kapusta i grzybami.

Herring in cream or in oil.

      Sledzie w smietanie lub w oleju.

Homemade Fried Polish Potato Pierogis wi


Potato and cheese, potato, potato and cheddar cheese, sweet cheese, sauerkraut, sauerkraut and mushroom or meat -$9.99/dozen.
Mushroom pierogi-$9.99/dozen.
Fruit pierogi: plum, cherry, blueberry or strawberry -$9.99/dozen.
minimum 12 pierogi per order. 

fried fish and salad.jpg


Fried Fish-$8.99/lb
Ryba smazona
Greek style fish-$8.99/lb
Ryba po Grecku
Herring in oil or cream-$8.99/lb
Sledzie w oleju lub w smietanie 

Traditional polish "greek style fish".jp


Mashed potatoes-$7.99/32oz
Red potatoes-$8.99/32oz
Potato dumplings-$9.99/32oz   
Sauerkraut- $8.99/32oz
Sauerkraut with mushrooms-$9.99/32oz
Sauerkraut with beans-$8.99/32oz
Stuffed cabbage with meat-$6.99/lb
Stuffed cabbage with mushrooms-$6.99/lb
Meat eggrolls/krokiety z miesem-$2.49each
Kraut and mushroom eggrolls/krokiety z kapusta i grzybami-$2.49each
Beet soup/barsz czerwony-$4.99/32oz
Mushroom soup-$9.99/32oz
Noodles with poppyseed/kluski z makiem-$9.99/32oz
Noodles with kraut and mushrooms-$9.99/32oz
Potato pancakes-$1.99 each
Cheese blintzes-$2.49each



To place an order please visit our store or call:630-378-4251
all orders have to be picked up before the end of day December 23rd. 
We will be closed 12/24/22,12/25/22 and 12/26/22
Thank You and have a Merry Christmas

Christmas beetroot borscht in ceramic bo
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